Overkill investment thesis

What kind of companies do we fund?

We strictly invest in B2B software startups at the pre-seed and seed stage. Why? Because this is the type of companies we can make a true difference for.

In addition, you should have a true technological innovation that can be turned into a product. Alternatively, you have a less innovative product that targets an emerging market. Ideally, you'd have both.

To us, technological innovation means something you have developed and cannot be replicated easily. It is fine that you use existing technology (e.g. image recognition, machine learning, etc.) but you must have added a layer of your own.

With an emerging market, we mean a market that is growing rapidly due to some kind of significant technological or societal shift (e.g. e-sports, autonomous transportation etc.). The market can be small today, but it must be growing rapidly.

The reason why we are interested in technological innovation and emerging markets is that we believe such startups become more valuable than other types of companies.

Consequently, there are certain types of companies we do not fund. Broadly speaking, we do not engage with startups that could just as well have been launched five years ago.

If you are in doubt, then send us your pitch deck to hello@overkill.vc. We are always open to being proven wrong.