Get to know the first Overkillers

About a month ago we finished our first mentorship program at Overkill Ventures. While recruiting the startups, we screened literally thousands of them. As a result, we invested in four – FabControl (Latvia), AxDraft (Ukraine), iMeshup (Poland) and Lokalist (Denmark).


FabControl is an open operating system for production 3D printing
AxDraft allows “non-lawyers” to prepare mistake-free legal docs in minutes
iMeshup is a collaboration platform for 3D designs in game development
Lokalist works on automated pricing of used goods

All of the founders are experienced entrepreneurs with a few startups and successful businesses under their belt. For instance, Duke from iMeshup raised $1.5m with the previous startup and Janis (FabControl) has built a renowned 3D printer manufacturer before moving to his new venture.

Over the course of just a few months the teams spent working with Overkill team and other experienced founders and investors we brought in, all of them demonstrated significant progress – iMeshup closed 11 new clients, Fabcontrol started 30+ enterprise pilots, AxDraft doubled their revenue and Lokalist underwent a crucial pivot. Additionally, most startups are actively (and successfully) fundraising for their next round.


Now that we have finished the work with our first batch, we are on the lookout for the next overkillers to join our squad mid-February! We invest up to €300K and provide access to a network of founders and investors that help startups grow sales and raise money faster. We focus on B2B software startups using emerging technologies to build solutions that will shape the future of workplaces across industries.

Sounds like you or someone you know? Drop us your details or overkill it and get an intro to our team.